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    Antebellum Restoration was started in 2017 as a means to preserve and repurpose products that ordinarily would be cast aside or disregarded and instead, transform them for something beautiful and purposeful.

    Many of our products are custom made to each customers preferences and can be made in variable dimensions, stains, hardware, and design.  We also have products that are one of a kind and are built based off the materials we acquire.  Our inventory is constantly changing.  


Our Purpose

    Just as we give old products new purpose, the           commitment of Antebellum Restoration is to restore and give hope to those in need internationally as well as locally. We partner with local churches and organizations in order to bring much needed aid and hope to those who need it in our community as well as around the world. Projects such as aid to Syrian refugees, clean water wells, education for children in Africa, child sponsorship internationally are ways we have been able to be a part of thus far. This is why profits from the sale of our products are used to give hope to those in need.  

    We strive to not only give you a one of a kind and unique product, but also allow you to be a part of changing a life and giving hope to those who are in need.   


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Do you provide delivery?

Because of the size and weight of many of our products, it is hard to ship and even harder to estimate shipping costs.  We mostly deal with local customers so arranging a close delivery, drop off, or meeting is most common but we will try to accommodate our customers the best we can.  

How can I get a custom order?

Custom orders can be arranged by contacting us through our email at  Custom orders can take anywhere from 10-15 days to complete (depending on order volume and the specific product). 

I saw a picture of something I like, can you build it?


We deal largely with these type of requests and complete a variety of projects that people have seen on Facebook, Pinterest, or other websites.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  We are always looking for new projects to build that people will appreciate.  Send us an email with a picture and we'll let you know if we can build it for you. 


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